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Top 5 Nightclubs In The World 2022

1. Space, Ibiza

Space Ibiza is the Best Nightclub in the World 2022 and was voted Best European Club at this year’s World Street Awards by their readers. This club offers something for everyone with its three floors, including the main floor which plays all different genres of music from EDM to black metal plus a VIP area that’s perfect if you’re looking to get away from it all; The Red Room where you can enjoy house tunes or go next door upstairs to Hades if hard dance is your style; as well as one of the best spots in Ibiza no matter what time of day – making this one not only the Best Nightclubs but also Best Dayclub should you want some sun and fun!

2. Hakkasan, Las Vegas

Hakkasan is one of the Best Nightclubs in the World and Best Nightclubs in North America. Opened back in 2013, Hakkasan has two floors with a variety of music on both! They offer different rooms for each genre as well including The Mansion which plays more deep house and electro-clash sounds while also hosting live bands & artists throughout the week; Kyshto which delivers an eclectic mix from hip hop to techno plus so much more; WETRODIO where you can find some of the best DJs playing everything from drum n bass to old school rave – making this club perfect if you’re looking for something that caters to your specific taste no matter what it may be!

3. Green Valley, Brazil

Green Valley is one of the Best Nightclubs in Brazil. This club offers something for everyone with its two floors, each playing different genres including: House & EDM on the first floor and Hip Hop, R&B and Top 40s upstairs! They also offer VIP areas perfect for relaxing or partying into the night with your friends as well as many live performances throughout the week – making it a must-visit once you make it to Camboriu.

Opened back in 1997, this venue was voted Best Brazilian Club at this year’s World Street Awards by their readers so be sure not miss out when visiting next if that’s what you’re looking for!

4. Pacha, Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza is one of the Best Nightclubs in Europe. Opened back in 1973, Pacha has been voted Best European Club at this year’s World Street Awards by their readers! It offers four separate dance floors with a variety of music ranging from disco and house to techno plus two VIP areas which are perfect for those looking to get away from it all. In addition they also have live performances like Richie Hawtin who performs regularly on stage – making the nightlife experience here unforgettable no matter what you’re into or how old you are!

This club was originally founded as an alternative to mainstream clubs that happened during its time so be sure not miss out when visiting Ibiza next if you want something different than your typical nightclubs.

5. Zouk, Singapore

Zouk is one of the best nightclubs in Asia and it’s known for its incredible sound system.

Opened back in 1991, Zouk has two floors with a wide range of music to please everyone! They offer many rooms that play different genres including: The Boiler Room (which plays hip hop), Velvet Underground (a more laidback lounge bar) & Club Kyo which features guest DJs from around the world. In addition they also have live acts like DJ Jazzy Jeff as well as dancers who perform on stage – making this club an unforgettable experience for anyone looking to party all night long!

Ibiza Summer Mix 2022 ? Best Of Tropical Deep House Music Chill Out Mix 2022 ? Chillout Lounge

#BestOfVocalDeepHouse​ #RelaxingMusic​ #housemusic2022 @Helios Deep @Haa Taa Deep @Artemis Music

? Video By: “? Video by ThinLineMedia
? Music By: ?
1. Marc Philippe – Babylon (Dimitris Athanasiou Remix)
2. Dimitris Athanasiou – Moon & Stars (Original Mix)
3. Costa Mee – Around This World (Pete Bellis & Tommy Remix)
4. Costa Mee, Pete Bellis & Tommy – Need Your Touch (Original Mix)
5. Paul Lock – Give It Up (Housenick Remix)
6. Pete Bellis & Tommy – Diamonds (Housenick Remix)
7. Nando Fortunato, Pete Bellis & Tommy – Don’t Lie To Me (Original Mix)
8. Marc Philippe – Broken Mess (Original Mix)
9. Nando Fortunato – Waiting For You (Original Mix)
10. Nando Fortunato – I Wanna change (Original Mix)
11. Nando Fortunato – Falling
12. Pete Bellis & Tommy – All I Want (Marc Philippe Remix)
13. Paul Lock – Islands In The Sky (Costa Mee Remix)
14. GeoM – Lost Paradise (Original Mix) 15. Nando Fortunato – Important Story (Original Mix)
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Top Things To Do In Marbella

Located on Costa del Sol, in picturesque Andalusia, Marbella was one of my favourite experiences in Spain, alongside Ibiza, Mallorca, Barcelona, and Madrid. Every single city, village, or region in Spain has its own distinctive character, so none of them is replaceable.

Below the top things to do while in Marbella:

A glimpse of eccentricity in Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is a marina located in the west of Marbella, a one-of-a-kind mixture of outstanding nightlife, prototype cars, famous yachts, and heavenly shopping. In order to make myself clear and to offer those who haven’t been there before a glimpse of what’s inside, I will just say that Puerto Banus is actually a kind of lavish movie scene, a place that most people only dream of, and the display of an intangible world.

Puerto Banus is a playground for the rich and famous, where the backstreets afford shops such as Chopard, Roberto Cavalli, and Hermès, while the front streets are served for prototype cars with personalized Arabian license plates, such as a Batmobile or a white-gold-plated Mercedes.

Famous for its vibrant nightlife, Puerto Banus is a mecca for party haunters, boasting an incredible variety of clubs, bars, pubs, discos, and everything selling alcohol. Paradoxically, nightlife in this exclusive resort was quite different from the daytime – hundreds of tourists storming the streets, rich and poor, young and old, nosy and curious, all of them eager to soak up the flamboyant atmosphere of this luxurious enclave.

Always Marbella Old Town

Stretching around the lovely Plaza de los Naranjos (Orange Square), the charming Old Town boasts some of the loveliest narrow streets I’ve ever strolled, fenced by serene white buildings adorned with tiny flowered balconies and ground-floor stylish boutiques.

Plaza de los Naranjos is a cluster of outdoor traditional restaurants and orange trees, belongings that seem to turn this place into a pleasure for all senses. So, whether you choose to begin a leisurely morning here with a sweet fragrance of oranges and a Spanish Café con hielo, or want to watch the world go by while sitting in the shade of a tree, lounging over a cold sangria in a hot afternoon, you’ll find this enchanting square one of those rare, perfect sanctuaries. So surprising and yet so familiar. A genuine delight.

Fashionable day on Nikki Beach

Located just a few minutes’ drive from Marbella center, on a picturesque shoreline, Nikki Beach is one of the best daytime beach clubs in the world. However, once you arrive, it’s not that hard to realize it.

Shirts drenched in thousand-euro beverages, glamorous designer swimsuits, world’s best DJs, several RTL reporters, and dozens of offshore yachts shining in the sun. The fun part? You’ll have the best time of your life.

Relax at the Bonsai Museum

After all the hustle and bustle of Marbella’s nightlife, soaking up the Bonsai Museum’s heavenly peace it’s a real pleasure. Sheltering an impressive collection of species, the museum is known as one of the best of its kind in Europe.

Marbella’s Bonsai Museum is located in Parque de la Represa, in the city center, and makes for a beautiful leisure spot for the whole family.

Day trip to Morocco via Gibraltar

For most Europeans, Morocco is a different world, and booking a day trip there from Marbella is almost mandatory. Just think about it – landing on another continent, sailing the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, experiencing new traditions, unusual tastes and sounds, and different beliefs. That’s certainly not something you do every day, but due to its ideal location, Marbella offers you this chance, so take it, make the most of your vacation! Who knows when or if you’ll still have this opportunity?

The trip will take you to Tangier, one of the oldest cities in Morocco, and will include some amazing sights, a guided tour, and a traditional meal – A great twist for your Spanish vacation!

Best pool parties in ibiza

Here’s the list of the best dayclubs & pool parties in Ibiza that you should definitely check out.

Beachouse Ibiza

Set on the sand at the very heart of Ibiza’s biggest and busiest beach, Playa den Bossa is the hottest name in Ibiza beach restaurants. Beachouse has a vast open-plan space within the restaurant/bar itself, with a bar at the back and the DJ booth serving as an ice breaker between beach and diners. Serving up breakfast and lunch to your luxe daybed, chic sofa or sophisticated wooden table on the terrace daily – BEACHOUSE brings a welcome new level of service, quality and alfresco ambience to the ever-evolving area – also available after dark for private events. Little Beachouse is the kid-focused play area towards the rear of the venue, a place you can let your kids be kids while the adults enjoy their time. If you should drop into Beachouse you could find yourself staying longer than intended, with a variety of beach parties taking place over the season.

O Beach

O Beach Ibiza, previously known as Ocean Beach, is the coolest place in San Antoni since it opened its doors in 2012. Located just at the sea front, its terrace is the perfect place to celebrate its unique and popular pool parties.

Ibiza Rocks

Staying at the legendary Ibiza Rocks Hotel is an experience like no other. With our huge 2018 event programme across the summer featuring the island’s biggest pool parties and festival shows from Craig David, Rudimental, MK, Stormzy and more staying with us puts you in the heart of the action. As well as the incredible events taking place every week poolside, the 368 rooms (available in a range of options), two sun-soaked swimming pools, plenty of Bali Beds and sun loungers, multiple bars and restaurants, a supermarket, Rocks merchandise shop and free WiFi throughout the hotel means we’ve got your summer well and truly covered. Plus with the expert guidance of our on site Host Team you can get the insider knowledge of what’s hot, where’s cool, the best beaches, bars, parties and clubs across the island, and all at the best prices. Located in the heart of San Antonio, Ibiza Rocks Hotel is just a short walk to the iconic Sunset Strip, bars and beach. If you want to explore the rest of Ibiza during the day or head up to any of Ibiza’s famous super clubs at night rest assured that we’ve got a dedicated taxi rank right outside the hotel entrance and a bus station just a few minutes away.

Ushuaia Beach Club

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel is the ultimate destination on the white island for lovers of plush rooms, pure luxury, gastronomic variety and excellence, the beach club of dreams, international events, top DJs and the #1 open air club in the world. Ibiza’s most renowned and exclusive venue, an ambience definitive of a summer in the Balearics in a modern setting, designed to be extraordinary from breakfast to your bed with once in a lifetime experiences in between. Ushuaïa Ibiza is the ideal choice for those who come to Ibiza for the best beach and pool parties. With live performances of the top DJs in the world, the most exclusive day and night ambience in a modern setting and designed with all kinds of comforts, luxuries and VIP services.

Bora Bora

A place as magical and special, with the best music of the moment and a mixture of cultures and people that make up the atmosphere that is Ibiza. Bora Bora will show you the lights of the island, with its magical colors, the beauty of the palm trees that surround the place that make you feel that you are in paradise.

Ibiza Summer Mix 2022 ? Best Of Tropical Deep House Music Chill Out Mix 2022 ? Chillout Lounge #172

Ibiza Summer Mix 2022 ? Best Of Tropical Deep House Music Chill Out Mix 2022 ? Chillout Lounge


? Video By: Gaëtan Piolot

1. Marc Philippe – You Love Me Tonight (Original Mix)
2. Marc Philippe – Summer Of Love (Original Mix)
3. Marc Philippe – September Rain (Original Mix)
4. Marc Philippe – I Wanna Be Somebody (Original Mix)
5. Marc Philippe – Too Shy For (Original Mix)
6. Marc Philippe – Babylon (Dimitris Athanasiou Remix)
7. GeoM – Back To You (Marc Philippe Remix)
8. Pete Bellis & Tommy – Treat Me Right (Marc Philippe Remix)
9. Marc Philippe – Dancer In The Dark (Original Mix)
10. Marc Philippe – We Were Younger (Original Mix)
11. Marc Philippe – Deepest Blue
12. GeoM – Ashes (Original Mix)
13. Costa Mee – Around This World (Original Mix)
14. GeoM – You
15. Costa Mee – Deep Inside My Mind (Dimitris Athanasiou Remix)
16. Chunkee – Broken Love (NICCKO Remix)
17. GeoM – With You (Original Mix)
18. GeoM – Need You (Original Mix)
19. GeoM – Desert Rose (Marc Philippe Remix)
20. Dimitris Athanasiou – Moon & Stars (Original Mix)

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4 good reasons to get lost in Ibiza in winter

The Ibiza that you will discover in winter has very little to do with the Ibiza of summer. They are like two sides of the same coin, they share the essence, but each one has its own particular beauty.

If you are only looking for sun and a party, there is no doubt: we recommend that you go during the summer. But if you want to discover the other side of Ibiza, the most authentic, do not miss the opportunity to go in winter.

These are some of the advantages of getting lost in Ibiza in winter:

You will discover in winter the most authentic and natural Ibiza

During the coldest months of the year, you can discover the poetic charm of the beaches without crowds of people, which will take you to Ibiza from the mythical hippy era.

An ideal atmosphere to meditate and discover the charms of the island at a relaxed pace. It is also the ideal time to go hiking or cycling, both in the interior of the island and along the coast, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures.

You will not find crowds

When the month of October arrives, most of the tourists leave and the island goes into a kind of lethargy. You will not be able to bathe in the sea (unless you are really daring), but you will be able to enjoy all the beauty of strolling along the lonely beaches and letting yourself be seduced by the landscapes.

Can you imagine the photos you can take out of the transparent waters and the sunsets? It is also a good time to discover the history of the island by visiting its museums, archaeological sites from the Phoenician era and its charming white villages. All this without crowds of people.

In winter, Ibiza will not be hot

During the day, the temperatures in Ibiza in winter are still pleasant. At noon you can even enjoy having a few tapas and a few beers on the terraces. Of course, at night the temperatures drop and the humidity is quite noticeable. So take warm clothes too!

Everything is cheaper

In low season, not only the temperatures drop, but also the prices.

Flights, accommodation, restaurants,… everything is much cheaper! So take advantage.

Ibiza is also a great idea during the winter!

Ibiza Party & Clubbing Holidays 2022

Planning your Ibiza party holiday can be stressful! Especially if it’s your first time. 

Ibiza is the original girls and lads clubbing holiday paradise. The biggest acts and DJ’s visit the island every single summer and there must be a reason why 2 million tourists visit every single year: white beaches, the best clubs in the world and copious amounts of sun.

Wondering when to go to Ibiza?

Ibiza is a little bit different to some of our other destinations as it is busy no matter when you go in the season. However, there are times that are busier and hotter than others. July, August and September tend to be the busiest months in Ibiza, with July and August also seeing the hottest temperatures, what a winning combination.

What about the cheapest time to visit?

The cheapest time to visit Ibiza will be in the early season. If you’re looking for a real bargain the end of May or the beginning of June will be ideal when searching for your perfect Ibiza holiday.

Busiest time of the year

Ibiza gets really busy July through September. This is when the clubs are packed and the pool parties are full of people in their best swimwear. The prices for your holiday may be a little higher here, but the experience will undeniably be worth it!

Weather in Ibiza

Ibiza is a very popular Island to visit and the weather is one of the many reasons (and of course the events). The weather in Ibiza in the summer months on average is in the high 20s to 30s, sometimes even hitting the high 30s. The weather in Ibiza is typical for any Mediterranean island, and that means long hot summers. 

If you are planning on spending your holidays in Ibiza this 2022 don’t hesitate and contact Ibiza Tables to party at the TOP and most exclusive clubs on the island.