4 good reasons to get lost in Ibiza in winter

The Ibiza that you will discover in winter has very little to do with the Ibiza of summer. They are like two sides of the same coin, they share the essence, but each one has its own particular beauty.

If you are only looking for sun and a party, there is no doubt: we recommend that you go during the summer. But if you want to discover the other side of Ibiza, the most authentic, do not miss the opportunity to go in winter.

These are some of the advantages of getting lost in Ibiza in winter:

You will discover in winter the most authentic and natural Ibiza

During the coldest months of the year, you can discover the poetic charm of the beaches without crowds of people, which will take you to Ibiza from the mythical hippy era.

An ideal atmosphere to meditate and discover the charms of the island at a relaxed pace. It is also the ideal time to go hiking or cycling, both in the interior of the island and along the coast, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures.

You will not find crowds

When the month of October arrives, most of the tourists leave and the island goes into a kind of lethargy. You will not be able to bathe in the sea (unless you are really daring), but you will be able to enjoy all the beauty of strolling along the lonely beaches and letting yourself be seduced by the landscapes.

Can you imagine the photos you can take out of the transparent waters and the sunsets? It is also a good time to discover the history of the island by visiting its museums, archaeological sites from the Phoenician era and its charming white villages. All this without crowds of people.

In winter, Ibiza will not be hot

During the day, the temperatures in Ibiza in winter are still pleasant. At noon you can even enjoy having a few tapas and a few beers on the terraces. Of course, at night the temperatures drop and the humidity is quite noticeable. So take warm clothes too!

Everything is cheaper

In low season, not only the temperatures drop, but also the prices.

Flights, accommodation, restaurants,… everything is much cheaper! So take advantage.

Ibiza is also a great idea during the winter!