Toosie Slide – Follow Along Dance Tutorial For Beginners

Practice transitions between simple moves to ‘Toosie Slide’ by Drake. All the steps I’m using are from my previous tutorials (all links below)
*Please note that this is NOT a tutorial, just a practice session that you can use to get better at transitions between the moves.
What song should I do next? Comment below and I might do it!

?SONG: Drake – Toosie Slide

Movements used:
1. Groove Back
2. Tootsie Slide dance
3. 2 Step
4,5,6. Push Off Heel+Double heel up+Double Foot Out (HH7)
7. Tootsie Slide Dance
8. Slide Side To Side (HH part 5)
9. Groove Forward
10,11,12. Torso half circle with single knee bend+double Heel In+Foot Up and Out (HH8)
13. 2 Step
14. Tootsie Slide Dance
15. Slide Side To Side (HH part 5)
16. Groove Forward
17. Heel Toe
18. Groove Back
19. Ball Change In Place
20. Tootsie Slide Dance
21. Double Knee Bend (different upper body)
22. Box Step
23. Heel Tap Out
24. Tootsie Slide Dance
25. Slide Side To Side (HH part 5)
26. Heel Toe

Happy Practicing ?


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