TIMELESS MIX Best Deep House Vocal MARCH 2020


-Dani Corbalan – Redemption (Original Mix)

-Nando Fortunato feat. Sephora – U Can Stop The Time (Extended Mix)

-P. Diddy feat. Keyshia Cole – Last Night (Goldhand Deep & Shine Remix)

-Nando Farelah – Give Me A Change (Axel The Rose Remix)

-Nikko Culture – Love Moments (Paul Lock Remix)

-Nando Fortunato – Important Story (Costa Mee Remix)

-Nigel Stately, T.O.M feat. Kasai – Build a Love (Extended)

-Dani Corbalan – For You (Original Mix)

-The Weeknd – Blinding Lights (Geonis & Lil Meet Extended Remix)

-The Rasmus – In The Shadows (Kapral Remix)

-Iris Dee Jay feat. Maria Opale – Far Away (The Husky Remix)

-Dani Corbalan – I Don’t Need You (Original Mix)

-Igor Kalinin – Empty Streets (Extended Mix)

-Dj Artak & Sone Silver – Searching (The Husky Remix)

-Igor Kalinin & Natune – Late Nights (Original Mix)

-Dani Corbalan – Loneliness (Original Mix)

Best Deep House Vocal MARCH 2020

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