How She Went From Being TEASED about her dancing to a CONFIDENT, skilled social dancer

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Lin joined Confidence through Dance as a total beginner after feeling frustrated with learning on YouTube and not seeing results.

Lin’s main issue was the lack of rhythm – not knowing what it is she should be dancing on, what she is supposed to be doing on the dance floor, as well as lack of freestyle skills and inability to dance comfortably especially when other people are watching. She wasn’t getting the structure or feedback on YouTube; therefore, she was stuck, unable to make progress.

At Confidence Through Dance we fixed Lin’s rhythm first. In the following weeks, she developed coordination and confidence (she’s no longer feeling anxious about dancing in front of others).

With lifetime access to me as her dance coach inside Confidence Through Dance, Lin keeps improving from week to week.
➡︎ This is her, 9 weeks into the program: