How Betty Transformed Her Confidence Levels And Social Life Through Learning How To Dance

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When Betty started the program, she explained that she doesn’t feel confident dancing at social events because she’s not sure what it is she should be doing to look natural. She was a complete beginner looking to learn how to dance confidently and to be able to feel comfortable with her body.

PROBLEM: Betty used to avoid the dance floor because she simply felt awkward: she didn’t have rhythm, she didn’t have enough dance movements to improvise with freely and she didn’t know how to connect them. She felt that she was missing out by staying away from the dance floor, just watching people dance and not participating.

SOLUTION: At Confidence Through Dance, we worked on building a foundation for dancing as well as Betty’s ability to match any movement to any song. Soon she became comfortable moving various body parts, everything started to look natural and not forced. She noticed a change after only a couple of lessons.

Betty continues to learn and keep improving inside the program and with lifetime access to me as her teacher, the sky is the limit 🙂

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