How Amy Learned How To Dance As An Adult Making Her Dream Come True

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Amy wanted to have fun dancing at various social events she was attending but she didn’t have the movements or the skills to do so.

Amy didn’t know how to improvise, and her repertoire of movements was limited. The body felt a bit rigid and transitions between the movements weren’t as smooth as Amy wanted them to be. She wanted to be able to dance seamlessly and look like she’s having fun doing so.

Amy joined Confidence Through Dance – my program where I transform clients from not enjoying themselves when dancing in front of others to being confident, skilled social dancers.
Within the first weeks we built her foundation for social dancing, she learned how to correctly match the movements to any song, and we developed her freestyle skills giving her a variety of movements she is now doing with ease. The body gradually loosened up, making the movements look better on her. Equipped with permanent dance skills, Amy is always looking forward to going out and is not shy to groove on the dance floor with her friends.

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