Base Dubai – Best Night Clubs in Dubai 2018

BASE Dubai is your ticket for a unique nightlife experience in one of the cities that never sleeps. You can enjoy a great bar experience and an impressive open-air scene with stars from all around the world.

BASE Dubai is offering you a top rated music performance who will make the impossible happen. With world-class shows and performance that you shouldn’t miss, BASE is just the right place for a first-class party. Check them out in Facebook and Instagram to find out more!

The venue has an enormous capacity for more than 2,000 people on board. If you visit the place before the summer break you will find a variety of events that will make you very curious about BASE Dubai featuring party session. The venue has one of the best sound systems, lights and pyrotechnic system that will leave you speechless, definitely one of the best night clubs in Dubai! You will find BASE Dubai – a five stars’ venue located under the night sky in Dubai Design District, D3. Enjoy a premium experience and save the night for BASE Dubai now!

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Are you ready for the ultimate nightlife experience at BASE Dubai?