Amnesia Ibiza – Best Night Clubs in Ibiza 2018

Enjoy the ultimate Ibiza experience at Amnesia Ibiza

Prepare to celebrate in one of the best clubs on the Spanish island! When you hear about Ibiza you already know what we are talking about so prepare for endless parties, good weather, sun, beaches, a lot of blue and a great atmosphere in the air.
The name of the club “amnesia” it’s a metaphor of what you are going to experience over there. Amnesia offers you different kind of parties from Monday to Saturday that you just cannot miss!

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With a custom made sound system using “Expanded Amnesia Technology” that hones in on frequencies that physically affect the bodies of dancers, Amnesia provides a unique experience for techno, trance and house.

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If you are looking for a place to have the most exciting night while in Ibiza, then search no more. Amnesia Ibiza is the place to be and every price is worth paying, since you are partying in the chicest venue in the world between celebrities!