MIAMI (New Year’s Eve) deep house party JANUARY 2018


-A-Mase feat. Sharliz – Tremble (Original Mix)

-Anton Ishutin feat. Da Buzz-Without You (A-Mase Club Remix)

-Isaac Chambers ft Ruby Rose Mulcahy – Extra Tea Rest Y’All [Ivan Spell Reboot]

-RoelBeat feat. SevenEver – Waiting for You (Original Mix)

-Alex Hill – You Will See (Original Mix)

-VetLove & Mike Drozdov feat. Natune – Fall in Love (Original Mix)

-Late Night Alumni – Empty Streets (VetLove & Mike Drozdov Remix)

-DJ Vartan & DJ Shevtsov – Summer Stories (RoelBeat Remix)

-Natasha Baccardi – Sexy Lady (Original Mix)

-Alex Antero Feat. Sevenever – A Girl With A Dream (Original Mix)

-Natasha Baccardi – Yes Boss (Original Cover Mix)

-Bryan Milton & Natune – Let Love Live (VetLove & Mike Drozdov Remix)

deep house party JANUARY 2018

MIAMI (New Year’s Eve)

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